About Us

Schofields Reclamation Ltd holds in stock a huge range of reclaimed building materials.

We are a family run business, with over 30 years of expert service.

We can and will quote for most work. Whether you need 10 tiles, 20 doors or 150 tonnes of building stone we can give you a price. Whether you are knocking a building down, renovating a house, fitting a shop interior, or even decorating an outdoor space, we can provide advice and all the supplies you need.

With more choices than ever before our supplies are ideal for your space. Call us or fill in our simple contact form for a quote.

We can name and match most products within the reclaimed building trade. We have the ability and resources to acquire materials from all over the UK and Europe. So if you're trying to name a brick, tile or piece of timber, the chances are we know what it is. But, more helpful than that we can supply you with some more.

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